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Cryptocurrency Exchange as a Service
Alpha is an exchange platform with proprietary high perfomance matching engine with derivative markets and Web, iOS, and Android apps.
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Spot, Future, and Options Trading
Alpha matching-engine supports hundred thousands of matching per second with %99.99 availability and %99.999 durability in different types of market.
All services designed for AWS, Azure, architected for being Kubernats friendly to minimize maintenance and infrastructure cost.
In-house Crypto Wallets
Alpha has its own blockchain controller and implementation of enhanced smart contracts for crypto wallet and address management.
Best Security
Taking security best practices in architecture and implementation, using service mesh, cryptographic vault, and anomaly detection to create the most reliable service.
Web and Native Mobile Clients
Users can access Alpha across all platforms, it has both Android and iOS applications and it’s available on the web to create an integrated service experience.
Advanced Market-Making
Using different technical, fundamental and social indicators, our Market-Making engine works synchronously to predict market direction and take the best strategy.

OTC Platform as a Service
An Over-the-Counter platform for covering all your customers needs. Powered by alpha engine It’s able to support an infinite number of cryptocurrencies and fiats.
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Plug and play
Kappa makes it easier to run your business and start monetization from the first day.
Cost efficiency
Kappa made it happen to run an efficient business with almost zero cost.
Multi-Signitature wallet management
Define different access levels based on your preference on your business wallets.
Limitless Networks
Powered by its blockchain controller, it is able to support all networks and tokens.
FavorSupporting creators using NFT
Launching in late-2022
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