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Artificial Intelligence

Empowering businesses for better decision making

We are small but lazer focused team. A group of people who are visionary, diverse, with different background who share the same goal.

We use AI to empower businesses in their decision making and fast operations.





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Social Network Analysis

Over social networks, people influence people, media and goverments have strong presence, and all kind of information are circulating throughout the world which have massive impact over our modern society.

We’re constantly working on novel ML and statistical models to quantify and process these massive information. Specificly we developed various services out of these models that are currently in use for analysing economical impact of social network.

Decenteralized Finance

Economy is the backbone of human society. It’s affected by every little event in the world, from weather to social network trends. We believe decenteralized finance is the phenomenon that will change the outlook of the global economy which make the whole thing a little more complex.

We collect massive amount of financial data and with the help of our social network analysis platform, we developed multiple systems for monitoring economical shifts and managing investment portfolio accordingly.
This system includes a low-latency automated trading platform for instanst response to these changes.

Automation and other sectors

Many digital and physical processes will be benefited from reducing human intervention. Manufacturing, vehicle driving, cybernetics, web crawling are examples that could heavily be impacted by automation systems.

We at Calagh are looking for new ways to improve current state of technologies used. We have a good experience in digital form of automation but we trying to expand our knowledge to physical world too.

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Calagh is small, friendly, and focused environment to work. We also have a great compensation package. We are looking to add more brilliant people to our team.

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